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Preservatives for Cosmetic Wipes

euxyl® – preservation according to your needs

The euxyl® range, developed by schülke for cosmetic preservation, fulfils the legal requirements in the European Union and follows CIR recommendations in the US. The euxyl® range also provides solutions for cosmetic products requiring Japan approval.
Another important issue for the choice of a preservative is the application of the wet wipe. Special attention is necessary for baby products, wet toilet paper, products for oral hygiene or products used near the eye. As these are sensitive skin areas, preservatives with a low sensitisation potential should be used. Further influencing factors on the preservative system are other ingredients in the formula or the packaging material, which might lead to incompatibilities and could therefore disturb the efficacy of the preservative over the entire shelf life of the product. Often marketing aspects like „free of” i.e. halogenated compounds, not animal tested or positive assessment in test magazines will influence the decision for a preservative. There is no single preservative meeting all requested criteria completely. Fortunately the euxyl® range offers various preservative blends with a broad spectrum of features.

euxyl® - cosmetic preservatives

Product benefits of euxyl® at a glance:

  • broad, balanced spectrum of efficacy against bacteria, yeast and mould
  • liquid stabilised formulations
  • easy and safe to use
  • sustainable effectiveness even at higher pH values and temperatures
  • compliance with todays and future legal requirements, e.g. EU Cosmetics Directive, EU Cosmetic Products Regulation, REACH, etc.
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