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Production Hygiene and Monitoring

Microbial monitoring

Bacteria, yeasts and moulds easily contaminate raw materials, process waters, end-products and processes. Under favourable conditions microorganisms can grow rapidly, causing severe problems in industry.

Foul odour is often the first sign of microbial contamination. Slime formation may also be observed. By the time these signs appear, irreversible damage may already have occurred.

In any quality assurance system the importance of systematic monitoring of plant hygiene must not be underestimated.

In mikrocount® combi is a quick reliable method of production hygiene testing in all production areas to suit any plant. The tests give early warning of microbial contamination and allow criteria to be established for cleaning and disinfection procedures.

mikrocount® combi is a ready-to-use tool for use in detecting and monitoring microbial contamination in raw materials, bulk- and finished products.


Why disinfection is necessary?

The preservative must be able to control the types of microorganisms most commonly present in the intended application.

Preservatives are used for the protection of consumers and the prevention of product spoilage during the intended and foreseeable use. However, they should not replace a faithful production hygiene. Contaminations by microorganisms during production have to be avoided by recognising and eliminating its sources.

Only the combined approach of good preservation and good manufacturing practice (GMP) including suitable cleaning and disinfection permits a microbiological safe process.


Biocidal System Cleaner

Biocidal System Cleaner

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